Server Hosting Plan Rs. 1,499/-

Terms of use

  1. Hosting
    1. The storage space provided with the hosting account must be used for the sole purpose of storing the website content. Any other usage of the storage space is prohibited.
    2. You will be provided with a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access to manage your website files. You may use FileZilla, CyberDuck or any other compatible FTP application to access the website files.
    3. The hosting is valid for one year from the date of purchase and is renewable with the rate at the time of renewal.
  2. Emails
    1. Each email account comes with a storage space of 2GB. 
    2. You may purchase the additional space at the rate of Rs. 350/- per GB.
    3. You should use the email service carefully. DO NOT send mass/bulk emails using this service. Your email account may get suspended.
    4. We advise you to change the default email password as soon as possible. The password is usually provided as part of the email configuration instructions.
    5. You may access your emails either from the browser-based webmail interface or an email client like Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail app on an Android Phone. 
  3. General
    1. The amount once transferred is not refundable and transferrable under any circumstances.
    2. We provide elementary support for the hosting, email services. If you need advance support, contact us at +91 8767484648 or write to us at

By availing the service, you agree to these terms of use.

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