How To Drive Traffic To A Newly Launched Website?

Developing a website is easy, you can get it done by hiring a website developer or a website development company. However, maintaining and ranking the website is way more difficult, not as difficult as finding an awesome website development company in Mumbai, of course, unless you have already hired us! Self-promotion apart, it is necessary for a website to feature relevant content to garner a high volume of visitors. Visitors and content have an uncanny association, without visitors, your content does not serve any purpose and without content, you will not get any visitors. You see the conundrum, don’t you? 

So how do some websites get millions of visitors and generate huge revenue from the website? Well, the first thing that one needs to understand is that it will not happen overnight. Improving the ranking of your website and generating substantial traffic will require you to follow a set of tricks over a period of time. We will discuss how to optimize your webpage in an effective way, so more people visit the website. Here are a few effective and simple tips for driving a high volume of traffic on the website.

Write Guest Posts

In the digital marketing space, guest blogging has gained a lot of momentum in the past few years, especially for beginners. Guest blogging is a tactic where you write blogs on other websites and gain referral or backlinks to your website. More backlinks mean a better page score and this would eventually increase the search engine ranking. Through guest blogging, the website can earn more backlinks as well as visitors. So, it is a good strategy to boost the traffic and SEO for the webpage. 

Free Google Business listing

List Your Business For Free On Google
List Your Business For Free On Google

This free tool provided by Google is an effective tool for listing your business on the search engine. An optimized listing can get your business seven times more traffic when compared with an incomplete listing. Adding the website link to Google My Business listing would drive the visitors to your website, thus increasing the number of visitors. Also, getting listed on online directories can help earn more links. This could enable a higher number of visitors right from the beginning. 

Perform On-page SEO

The website that gets great traffic does have a better SEO in comparison to a newly launched website. Therefore, it is essential for a new website to optimize their on-page SEO. This can be done through posting relevant content and adding precise Meta titles and descriptions for the pages. Appealing catchy titles and descriptions would entice the readers to click on the link and equally engaging content will further delight the readers. Such tactics would improve on-page SEO and increase the rank of the website. This would eventually drive more traffic to the new website.

Social Media

Use Right Hashtags on Right Social Media Platforms

Social media is a boon for all the growing businesses as it is the most relevant platform to promote the business digitally. Websites that need more traffic should promote their posts on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Optimizing the social media profiles with the website link in the description or about us section would increase the number of visitors. Thus, it is essential to make effective use of social media platforms for driving traffic to a newly launched website.

Using The Right Keywords

For a new website, there are certain key pointers like keywords that need to be considered. Keywords play a major role in SEO. If the website has a good ranking on the search results, then it would drive more traffic. For having a better SEO, it is recommended that you use long-tail keywords. The keywords are specific for the search query made ensuring that your website results for all the right searches. They have high volume but lower competition which gives an edge to webpages for ranking better. With organic usage of long-tail keywords, the website can rank better and get more traffic. 


In the era of digitalization, businesses have started shifting from traditional marketing tools to unique and effective online tools. Website planning and development is one of the major aspects that need to be considered while creating a digital plan. A website is a digital asset that gives recognition to the business by providing a brief about the business, vision, and goals. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the website regularly and monitor its performance.

A newly launched website finds it difficult to gain traffic online. They lack the resources, both financial as well as technical, to boost the traffic. With digital marketing, it is easier for new websites to gain traffic. These tools are available easily for free or nominal costs and can help boost the number of visitors. Tools like social media, guest blogging, SEO, etc. are digital mediums for websites to earn unique visitors and build an online reputation. However, these tools are double-edged swords that can have severe ramifications on your business if not handled correctly. So, it is better to either learn about these or hire professional who can do this for you.

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