e-commerce website is better than selling on social media

Getting an E-Commerce Website is better than selling on Social Media

A fragmented portion of Indian businesses such as local vendors, beauticians, home operated businessmen struggles with developing their e-commerce websites. With a rise in social networking websites, such entities can be often seen using these media as a source of selling and marketing their respective products and services but do you know why you should not sell on the Social Media? Read more to find out.

Securing website

Best Tips To Secure Your Website And Prevent It From Being Hacked

The world is going digital, and your business needs to go digital too. One of the primary requirements of going digital is having a professional website. Your website will be your first identity on the internet. Your customers will interact with your website first before interacting with anyone from your company. So, it is absolutely essential to get a professional website and manage it efficiently.

However, the rise of the internet has also caused an increase in the number of hacking attempts. Hackers can hack your website and steal sensitive information, redirect it to non-related sites, or place ads on your website. Any successful hack will bring a bad name to your organization and depending on the nature of your business, could even have legal implications. 

The first and the simplest step to ensure that your website is not hacked is getting the website developed by professional web developers. Getting it done by students or people offering low-price services could leave doors open for hackers. Let us look at some of the tips for securing and protecting your website from hackers.

How to protect website from being hacked
A complete list for securing a website

Update Your Software

Updating your software is a vital step for keeping your website secure. Whether you are using WordPress or any other platform, it is necessary to check and install necessary plugins. Many features in a website are created as open-source software programs, and hackers tend to check the code and find any vulnerability in the code which can allow them to take control over your website. This does not mean using open-source products is bad, in fact, it is also believed open-source products are safer since best minds from across the world check the code before using.

Keep Your Passwords Strong

Choosing a strong password for your website can always be helpful. Go for a difficult or more secure password rather than a simple password like using numbers ‘12345’ or by using your name. Hackers always try to break your passwords by permutation and combination. Keeping a simple password can help them to hack into your website.

Avoid File Uploads Through Your Website

You should take precaution if anyone is uploading a file on your website or you can simply avoid any uploads. Anyone could add a malicious file, overwrite the existing file or upload a much bigger file that would affect the performance of your website. Though some business might actually need to accept the file and should provide a more secure way like allotting a specific file size, scan for malware, use file type verification, etc.


HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) is effective as it provides more security for your website. It uses SSL protocol to encrypt communications so that hackers cannot steal your data. It encrypts the data from both the direction, i.e. from the server origin and the user, so sensitive information cannot be passed and observed by the hacker — for Example, your bank information.

Beware Of SQL Injection

SQL injection is basically an attack that helps the hacker to insert malicious code into your database and manipulate the data. The hacker generally uses a URL parameter to manipulate your database and gain website access. To stop this attack, simply use a parameterized query.

Manage Your Error Messages

The error messages that you display should not give out too much information. The hacker can exploit the information and gain the website’s root directory access. Instead, keep a simple message which will help your user to understand and link back to the main website.

Beware Of XSS Attacks

XSS attacks are one in which malicious scripts are injected on trusted websites by way of cross-site scripting. To prevent such attack, use advance SDL (Security Development Lifecycle) that simply limits the number of coding errors in your application or another way is to make your user re-enter the password before accessing the webpages on your website.

Web hosting provider

Your web hosting provider is an important part of your infrastructure that can affect the safety of your website. It is crucial to opt for a reputed hosting provider and not go for the cheapest one available in the market. A reputed web hosting provider will ensure that the software and all other associated infrastructure is updated regularly.

Regular Backups

One of the most underrated and ignored aspects of securing the website is taking regular backups. You should take regular backups of your website on the cloud as well as the local storage. If you do not know how you can do that, ensuring that it is covered on your website maintenance contract is crucial. 

Disable The Features You Don’t Use

Website themes today come with a lot of features and plugins that you would, in all probability, never even use. It is smart to disable the plugins that you are no longer using instead of updating them regularly. However, be careful as disabling some of the plugins could interfere with the working of the website. Ask your website developer to do the needful.

Say No To Defaults

Most of us have the tendency to use the default URLs which are easy to guess. Using something as yoursite.com/wp-admin is very easy to figure out and then the hackers could attempt hacking your password. So, avoid using default URLs and protect Protect the wp-admin(WordPress) / administrator(Joomla) directory.

Change The Admin Username

During WordPress, Joomla or other CMS installation, you should never choose “admin” as the username for your main administrator account. Such a common name is very easy to guess making a step easier for hackers. Also, you should always disallow file-editing inside the CMS.

Input validations

Always ensure that there are form input validations on the client-side as well as on the server-side. This minimizes the bot attacks and safeguards your website from being hacked. It is a small but important part of securing your overall website.

Check with your website developer and ask for a yearly maintenance contract which will ensure that your website is regularly checked for any security loopholes. Your website is your years of hard work, and one security lapse could spell doom for your organisation. Act now to prevent that from happening!

Best Hosting

Which Is The Best Hosting Service For Your Website?

A Hosting service is essential for any website that you own. It provides the necessary resources to ensure that the site is available on the internet. Choosing the best hosting service has become an important task for many SMEs to take their business online and create an online presence. Once your website is hosted by the service provider, users can access it via the internet. Whenever a user types your domain name, the computer connects to the server on which your website is hosted and displays the webpages through a web browser. 

Hosting service providers may also offer technical support from their end to ensure that your website is running 24*7. Irrespective of the plan and service provider you select, you will definitely need technical assistance at some point in time. Sound technical customer support without much waiting time will be beneficial in the long run.

So, when it comes to hosting, there are basically four major types of hosting that you can use. 

Different types of hosting explained

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the basic type of hosting in which all the websites from different website owners are hosted on one single server. Each website owner will usually have limited access to the resources they utilize on this server depending on their hosting package. It is the cheapest hosting option as compared to other hosting services. This comes with a disadvantage too as a single server is shared by the websites, it can be overburdened by other sites and can, in turn, affect the performance of your website. If you are just starting your business or blogging journey, this is the ideal hosting solution. 

Dedicated Hosting

As the name implies, with dedicated hosting, the website owner has full access to the resources provided by a dedicated server. Unlike shared hosting, no other websites are hosted on the server which is hosting your website. You can select your own operating system, applications, etc. Depending on various plans, you can also select the hardware components that you need. You should opt for the dedicated hosting if you have a website that gets a substantial amount of traffic. 

Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS)

VPS is somewhere a mix of both shared hosting and dedicated hosting but with a different set of pros and cons. The VPS hosting uses a single server that is shared by different users, but the server is divided into a virtual private server. These ensure that you get all the benefits of a private server with your own dedicated resources. It uses virtualization technology to provide dedicated resources with multiple users. VPS hosting is stable and flexible, and the cost is generally low, but not as low as shared hosting. 

Cloud Hosting

It is the advanced hosting service and can be considered as the future of hosting. Cloud hosting allows users to host their website on multiple connected servers rather than a single server. The resources required to maintain your website are spread among these servers. So, this ensures that your website will be online even if any of the servers were to fail. Cloud hosting is ideal for websites that get huge traffic and may have a period of a spike in traffic. Cloud hosting is scalable and will allow you scale-up or down the resources based on your needs. 

Selecting the right hosting can go a long way in making or breaking your business. Some of the top factors that you need to consider are your specific requirements, expected traffics, schedule of marketing activities, and budget. Here is a quick guide to help you figure out the best hosting service that suits your business requirements. 

  • Shared hosting can be the best for individuals who own a personal site or test sites where occasional downtime is not a significant issue and you have a tight budget. 
  • Dedicated hosting can be used by individuals who have a really good budget and have specialized needs and wants to manage their own data privacy.
  • VPS hosting is, in a way, a combination of shared and dedicated hosting. VPS hosting offers more uptime and higher stability than shared hosting. It offers you an isolated virtual environment resulting in better performance. 
  • Cloud Hosting can be used by anyone who wants to scale your resources in the near future. If you are anticipating higher traffics or planning to host a lot of data on your website, cloud hosting is the best option for you. 

Apart from choosing the best hosting service, it is also important to choose a good service provider to host your website who allots the required resources needed to maintain your website and is available to resolve your queries. Alternatively, you can also purchase web hosting from your website developers who will suggest you the best solution as per your need and will be available for any problems that may surface in the future. 

Get cheap website in Mumbai

Why Getting A Cheap Website Is A Bad Idea?

If you are a business entity trying to go online, it can be a daunting task. The key stepping stone in going online is to develop your organization’s website. It is very important to have an accessible website that has effortless navigation and engaging content to increase traffic. Today, if you want to create a website, there are numerous resources available online. However, this abundance of information has led to inconsistency in the quality of website development.

This predominantly arises from the fact that not everyone who decides to go online is well-versed with technical terms such as web hosting, domains, SSL, website content, CSS etc. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is responsible for the content and the appearance of the website, the colour, design, etc. It aims at enhancing the customer experience on the site including implementation of animation, graphics, etc.

One can deploy a low-cost website developer at an economical price, but it can hamper the business in the long term as it fails to promote lead generation and the absence of call to action elements adds to the agony. A website must entice the customer to visit it frequently. Also, the website design plays a crucial role, but cheap websites provide standardized templates irrespective of the business and product type. Thus, they may have difficulty in offering customized website services as per the needs and requirements of the business.

These websites lack the basics of search engine optimization, the designs offered are not search engine friendly, and will lead to your website ranking lower on the SERPs. Thus, your business is unlikely to be found online, and your brand may get lost in the crowd. Usually, the content offered with such cheap websites is either incomplete or irrelevant and has an untidy presentation. If the content on the website is uninteresting and inadequate, it can lead to disengagement and you will lose out on traffic which could prove costly for the business.

Websites that are cheaper also tend to lack responsiveness across various platforms. On the contrary, a responsive site can increase the SEO as well visits resulting in a higher conversion rate. Having a substandard website can have an unfavourable effect on the image of the brand in the minds of the consumer. Such a website can reflect a poor brand image of the business. A cheap website developer may also not provide good customer service. So, you may be left to fend for yourself in the event of technical issue. The code for cheap websites are also not clean, leaving a backdoor entry for hackers. The data may also be breached if the website is not completely secured.

A good website developer will always ensure the key aspects of website creation are met, i.e. security, search engine optimization, and technology. Opting for the cheapest option available on the market may rather backfire and lead to losses in terms of finance as well as brand equity. Website is the first point of interaction between you and your customer on the internet. Do you want it to be the cheapest or value for money? We at Innovfide, deliver websites that are not cheap but value for money. We will not claim to offer everything at dirt-cheap prices and then deceive you by giving something else. We only promise what we will deliver at the best possible prices. So, stop thinking about getting cheap websites and get the most bang for your buck by hiring us now!

how a website can transform your business and helps reach it to top

How A Website Can Transform Your Business and Help It Reach the Top

Launching any new business is a daunting task which requires you to pursue research, develop, and expand to put all your ideas and solutions into action and share them with the world. While starting a new business or expanding your existing business was difficult a few years ago, today the advent of the internet has made is extremely easy.

A good quality website communicates in a clear and specific way to persuade your customers while addressing all their needs. A good website has the potential to convert visitors into paying customers. Besides, a website provides your business with the much-needed authenticity, visibility, credibility and accessibility which are paramount for any enterprise to thrive and prosper.

elements of a good website
Elements of a good website

If you have a business and don’t have a quality website, you are losing out on tremendous opportunities for your business. A great page and an informative web site are good marketing practice 101 and can be utilized to achieve several marketing milestones which can further facilitate your organizational growth.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you need to recognize where your customers are and work towards addressing their needs. If consumers hear about your business via word of mouth, without a web presence, they will have no means of understanding your offerings. This is a genuine hurdle and one of the many risks you take by not putting up a website.

Typically, for any kind of information, everyone relies on the internet to find the service or product. When you search for any word, phrase or a set of words/terms online, most search engines reveal ten results on the first page, depending on several factors like relevancy, page popularity, word frequency etc. The idea is to get to the very top of the first page of search engine results. This is obviously better said than done, but getting a website are the first baby steps in going online.

Unlike the dated ways of running a business, today, a website helps to gauge the reaction of potential clients towards the service, products or most recently introduced idea. The first thing a user checks is your website, so an easily navigable, unique and eye-catching layout is vital. One can easily showcase ideas by trading from a store-front; however, having an online site will drive service partners, prospective clients, and staff for your future business.

As a business, your primary goal will be to drive sales. If you have a quality website, your task is half done, as a website makes your business available online 24*7. This is required for any business irrespective of the industry and stage of your company. It is a myth that only e-commerce companies need a website. Let’s say, your potential lead wants to search about services you offer at 10 pm in the night, they can’t call you, but they can certainly check your website for products & services your company offers.

Advertising & marketing are crucial tools for every business and not just top brands. An interactive website seamlessly brands, markets, and pushes your product to the right markets. A website that supports multi-device responsiveness with a correct SEO improves your website position and can boost your ROI within no time.

Benefits of a well-designed website

Statistics prove that people think the first few sites at the top of the search engine results page or SERPs are amongst the most trustworthy companies in their business. An advantage in SERP ranking not only boosts your business’s capacity to create leads and traffic, but it also raises the level to which your customers and prospective investors view your company as authentic.

It is imperative in case of a new business or service to invest in a quality website as this is an opportunity to gain some trust. There is absolutely no excuse that is valid for not getting a professional-looking website. If you are bootstrapped, Innovfide is running a limited period offer where you can get a professionally made website for as low as Rs 4,999. Check out our offer here or directly call on 8767484648 to know more.

Get a website for Rs 4,999

Get A New Website Packed With 9 Features For Just Rs 4,999

This monsoon it is raining offers for your business. Do you have an idea and are waiting to turn it into a reality? Wait no more, Innovfide for a limited time is offering new websites at just Rs 4,999. A website will give your business authenticity and set you apart from the rest. Studies indicate that 97% of consumers go online to find a business and 30% of consumers do not even consider a business without a website. 75% of B2B buyers rely on digital content before making any decision, and 62% will even finalise a purchase based on digital content alone. So, how can you cash on these trends and increase your business?

Get A Website Now

It doesn’t matter that you have a small business or you are bootstrapped, a website is something that cannot be compromised. Even if you have a social media page, getting a website will take you to the next level. It is a myth that only e-commerce businesses need a website, every business needs a website to increase their business. If you think you are getting sufficient business without the website, imagine where will it go when you have a website.

If you are starting a new business now, there is absolutely no alternative to getting a website first. Without a website, you cannot even think about getting your first customer. Getting a website will let put you in the league of the goliaths in your industry. You can optimise your SEO and with sustained efforts, improve your search engine rankings. The return on investment for a website is high, and with Innovfide’s amazing offer of Rs 4,999, you couldn’t have asked for more.

9 Features For Rs 4,999

9 features of 4,999 plan

We understand website and its impact on your business. So, we do not bog you down with some random features and demand exorbitant charges. We give the most crucial 9 features required to get you started and ensure that you begin your journey. Down the road, we can always add more features as your business grows. With the focus on helping your business go online and build a long-term relationship with you, we deliver a website that will give a strong boost to your business.

  • Responsive Theme – Websites are no longer only viewed on desktops or laptops. Increasingly, mobiles and tablets are becoming a major medium of communication. So, you do not want to miss out on customers because your website is not responsive and looks all broken on the mobile. You will get a responsive theme that looks equally good on all the devices ensuring no customer is lost.
  • Up to 5 Informative Pages – Your customers will leave if they are unable to navigate through your website. Different pages with precise information will ensure that your website is easy to understand and your content is as clear as it can get.
  • A Logo – What are a company and a website without a logo? Well, we offer you a choice of a logo from 5 pre-set logo designs which should be more than sufficient to get you started. If you want a customised logo, we would be happy to make one for you outside this package.
  • CMS Ready – We don’t believe in offering a website at competitive rates and then ensuring that you have to come to us for any minor change. We deliver a CMS ready website which allows you to modify your content as per your wish. You can also update blogs and carry out digital marketing activities.
  • Search Engine Friendly – What is the use of making a website if it does not gets ranked in search engines. We understand SEO and do not randomly create a website. We create a search engine friendly website that will help you rank higher.
  • On-Page SEO – After making the entire structure of the website SEO friendly, we also implement on-page SEO to further boost the rankings. From using appropriate title tags to using meta robots tag, we ensure that your website’s on-page SEO boosts your ranking.
  • Google Site Submission – While Google and other search engines will crawl your website to list it, we go the extra mile to ensure that your website is listed by Google. Manually submitting the site is crucial for new websites to ensure that they are listed on all the search engines.
  • Google Analytics – We will ensure that your website is integrated with Google Analytics so that you can track the performance of your website. This will allow you to see what is working and what can be improved on your website. Get insights into your customer like never before.
  • 15 Days Free Support – We do not deliver a website, get our payment and then refuse to help you in future. With Rs 4,999 package, you get a free 15 days support post-deployment. This means that any problem pertaining to your website will be solved by us. We take care of the technical aspects while you can focus on your business.

Amazed at the features of your new website? Prepare to be delighted with the price of Rs 4, 999. We believe in creating long-term relationships and do not believe in delivering a sub-standard product. Over the past many years, our transparency and professional approach has ensured our clients have complete faith in us. So, we would like to disclose that the Rs 4,999 package does not include hosting and domain which you can purchase from any online sellers or purchase from us at nominal additional cost, it is entirely up to you. Additionally, we offer three free revisions and the charges are for above-mentioned features only. Got a different requirement? No problem, we can offer customised packages too.

Still, have any queries? Feel free to call us on 8767484648 now. The Rs 4,999 package is available for a limited time only, hurry purchase it now.

e-commerce website

How To Start A Successful eCommerce Website

During the last decade, the global eCommerce industry has been growing expeditiously, aided by mounting penetration of the internet. It is hardly surprising that eCommerce websites are omnipresent all across the internet. From selling mobiles to selling an industrial-scale JCB, everything can be purchased from eCommerce websites.

The online market has been growing leaps and bounds in terms of revenue as well. Multiple reports confirm that eCommerce was responsible for a whopping 3 trillion USD in sales in 2018. The Indian eCommerce industry will account for more than 120 billion USD of that amount by 2020 according to current projections.

To think that this dynamic industry and its snowballing potential only took off in India in the late 2000s is unbelievable. Which is why, now isn’t a bad time to put your plan into action, venture into this domain, and launch an e-commerce website that you’d been dreaming about. Here are a few tips to help you start a successful e-commerce website of your own.

Naming, Registering, and Licensing your Business

Although this might seem like a lot in the beginning, these are in fact, the easier parts of launching any new business. You need to look for a suitable name for your enterprise. Choose one that is, preferably unique, memorable, sets you apart from the competition, and has a .com or .in domain available. For an eCommerce website without relevant extension, it would be difficult to earn the trust of your future users. So, always choose the extension carefully and keeping your business in mind. Once you’ve made your selection, register and apply for all kinds of licensing and permits before you even think about doing anything else.

Picking the product(s)

The toughest part of this entire endeavour is zeroing on a product to sell. Everything hinges on “what” you are trying to market. Initially, it could be a challenge for an online store, as now the internet is flooded with websites selling a multitude of items. At least an idea and awareness about what your business is about and who it will be catering to, and the intended buyer’s demographics will be essential.

A Website and a Domain name

Just like those slick and glossy magazine covers always seem to catch our attention, a stylish website with a good layout can make or break your eCommerce business. Brick and mortar stores focus on the layout of the store, and similarly, your eCommerce website should be made with after considering several parameters including your potential customer profile, pricing of the products, your best-selling products, average cart value, etc.

At Innovfide, we understand the importance of design and SEO for an eCommerce website. Whatever you are selling, someone else is already selling the same thing out there. So, how do you distinguish yourself from the rest? A professional looking website with a planned SEO strategy will eventually ensure you outperform your competition. We create an eCommerce website after thorough consultation with you and understanding the market you are targeting.

Payment Gateway

payment gateway

A nifty payment gateway goes a long way to enhance customer experience by guaranteeing easy and convenient payments. Multiple options and different process models for payment are extra beneficial to providing hassle-free transactions. With a legit gateway in place, you also ensure that all transaction details and user information is safeguarded, and all buyers are protected. Remember to get a payment getaway integrated with utmost importance given to the security aspect of it. If any data were to be leaked from your site or a fraudulent transaction took place from your eCommerce website, you can bid goodbye to your dreams of doing an online business.

Selecting the Operational model

When you’re starting a store online, choosing the correct business model is imperative to the success of your venture. You could partner up with an individual or a corporation or opt to be the sole owner and proprietor of your eCommerce business. For new entrants and people who are starting from scratch, a wholly-owned project with a sole proprietorship is the more agreeable choice. Besides, for new eCommerce website owners who lack any substantial backing or with limited or no access to extensive investments, a drop shipping business is the better way to go.

Procuring the best Vendors and Tools

Competition in running an eCommerce website is really intense, which is why it’s advisable to find the best quality products at competitive prices. Even minor variations in the quality of raw materials or parts could potentially jeopardise customer experience. Ensure that you on-board only verified and genuine vendors.

Selecting the right people to do business with needs thorough research and a lot of hard work. You can use a multitude of tools to import inventory from online manufacturers and suppliers. This will help you jumpstart your entrepreneurial dreams and start a successful e-commerce website.

Promotions and Marketing

eCommerece website marketing

Have a dedicated team in place to analyse and study the traffic on your site. This will help you understand customer behaviour when they access your website. A well-managed website will not only help market your business effectively, but it will also improve your brand understanding and promotion outcomes. Use social media to forward your vision and push your product(s). Blogposts and reviews to promote and market your store will help you land major fans.

Spending on a website design or a logo along with visualisation helps create an everlasting impression on prospective buyers. Ad campaigns and workshops involving test groups will also yield favourable results. Which is the most crucial aspect in starting an eCommerce website? Share your views in the comments section below.

DIY website builders vs web design agency

DIY Website Builders Vs Web Design Agencies, What Is Best For Your Business?

Websites have become absolutely essential for any organisation irrespective of the industry and market segment. Web design agencies in Mumbai and across India offer a range of services priced as per your requirement. At the same time, several tools are available that enable you to create your own website using easy to use tools. Some of the most notable do-it-yourself website building tools are Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, WordPress, etc. So, what should you do? How do you decide what is best for your business – web design agency or DIY website builders?

Don’t worry, just because we are a website development company used to creating awesome professional websites, we will not tell you to go ahead and hire a website designing agency. Let us examine various possibilities and determine what is the best course of action for your company.

What Do They Offer?

Benefits offered by website agency
Expertise offered by website agencies

Website builders are tools that allow you to create website by a simple drag and drop without any need for coding. The site is built with pre-set functions, so you don’t have to code to create any function. Most DIY website builders provide hundreds of templates so that you can create a website as per your needs. You also get free stock images and other resources to enhance the visual appeal of your website.

Web design agencies, on the other hand, come with a totally different approach. At Innovfide, we first look into the client’s business, understand their target audience, do competitor analysis, and then start designing the website.  Website design agencies create a custom website which is designed exclusively for your organisation. They will design layout, add features, tailor content, etc. customised for your organisation only.

While we could go on and on about the differences in a website builder and hiring a web design agency, in the end, it is about your specific requirement. Neither is a bad option, but you should select considering what is the best course of action for your business.

Website Builder – Not everyone should hire a website design agency, we told you earlier that we are going to be honest here. Just because we create the best website design does not mean we will ask every one of you to hire us. If you are a hobbypreneur, new business, a blogger with less following, solopreneur, or a non-profit organisation, you are better off using a website builder. It will cost you nothing in most cases, will be quick, and will serve your purpose. However, if customisation and SEO are of any importance to you, the website builder may not be of much help.

Web design agency – Website design agency will definitely cost you more than a DIY website builder. You can check how web design agencies price their services in our previous blog here. However, a website design agency will ensure a professionally created website design and will be invested in your venture completely. At Innovfide, we provide project management, content, and ongoing maintenance. With website agency, you can get custom features such as payment method, travel portals, custom navigation, and more.

Opportunity Cost

web design is time consuming
DIY website builders can be time consuming

It is always about opportunity cost in any transaction and the same goes for website development too. While you may save by using a website builder, you need to factor in the opportunity cost both in terms of time and revenue lost. Say, if you took about 50 hours of time in creating a website on your own, you need to factor the work you could have put in your business during the same time and revenue it would have generated. Additionally, if your company were to lose even one client due to an unprofessional website, you may have to consider that opportunity cost too.

Similarly, if you pay a web design agency in India 5000 USD to create a website for you, but your business is based on word of mouth and direct marketing, then opportunity costs should be considered. With that 5000 USD, you could have done direct marketing and converted a few customers. So, a website agency or website builder will depend on your business requirement and the opportunity cost.


To summarise, website builders will be reasonably priced and available quickly. You will get to see the final ready website template in front of you before using it for your organisation. However, DIY websites offer limited functionality, limited customisation option, and enforce multiple restrictions. It also comes with a lot of hidden costs which will be introduced once you need more from your website and the first low-priced year ends. On the other hand, website agencies are comparatively costly, may require a few months, and you would be unable to see the exact design. However, with website agencies, you will get a professional website, custom features, positive first impression, SEO advantages, and a team dedicated & invested in your project.

In a nutshell, hiring a website agency is like taking your car to the authorised service centre. They charge more, but they know what they are doing and will do the best possible work on your car. Similarly, opting for a DIY website is like purchasing a toolbox with all the instruments available to service your car. But, will the toolkit magically service your car? Of course not! You should know which fluids to replace, which screw to tighten, and all the things that need to be done under the hood. It is up to you to decide, do you want an authorised service centre to work on your car or you are capable of servicing your car on your own by merely purchasing a toolbox? If you are not sure, get in touch with us to find out the best possible options for your business.

how web designers and developers price their products and services

How Web Developers & Designers Price Their Services?

As websites increasingly start becoming essential for all businesses, website development in India has become a booming business. Web designing services in Mumbai and across the nation are priced very differently. You can find a website developer who will make a website for you at Rs 3000 and then there is a someone who charges a minimum of Rs 30,000. So, how do web developers and designers price their services and why is there such a wide difference in pricing?

Functionality & Complexity

These are the top two factors that impact the cost of your website development. The functionality requirements of your website will impact the efforts & time that the web designers will have to put into creating the design. The same goes for a web developer who will have to put more time in implementing a highly functional website. If your business website is complex, the price of web designing and development will certainly go up. The reverse is also true, if you want a simple static informative website, then the price for it will be substantially lower. It is important to remember that just because the website appears simple on the front, it may not be equally simple on the backend.


Website developers in India offering free and paid images for website designing.

Your website will need images and the type of images required will also impact the cost. Simple stock images are free or priced lower, but if you need custom made images, the price will shoot up. Some E-commerce websites also need photographers to click pictures, these will certainly make your website more costly. Illustrations and infographics require expertise and time to be created, so if you need that on your websites, the price of your website will increase. An experienced web designer understands these requirements and factors in the cost before beginning the project against inexperienced web designers who will add these costs later.


Project deadlines effect the website development costs in Mumbai.

This is definitely a no brainer! Shorter deadlines would mean that the web designers and developers would have to put in long hours, put other projects on the backburner, and even hire additional help to boost productivity. All these factors will convert into costs and the price of your website will go higher. A complex project with six months deadline will always cost less than the same project with a three-month deadline. 

Number of Revisions

Well for obvious reasons, someone charging Rs 3000 will charge you for all and any changes that you suggest. The number of revisions will not matter if the first design is perfect and exactly as per your expectations, the chances of these happening are 1 in 14 million (you can ask Dr Strange)! In any project, there will be some back and forth until you reach a point where you are comfortable to take the website live. Experienced web developers always factor in these costs to ensure complete client satisfaction and to avoid any problems in the later stages.

On-going Services

Even after your website is up and running, you might need a web developer to make changes or to address any issues that may crop in after a few months. Web developers also factor in these costs and offer after-sales support for a certain period depending on the complexity of your project. A long-term requirement for support will also bring down the costs for support. It is best to discuss with your web developer about the best-suited solution for your business.

Website designers pricing aspects.

Apart from all these factors, skills and experience of the website designer and developers will also impact the cost. A newcomer with no experience will charge you less compared to a veteran who has worked with some of the top brands. It falls upon you to decide whether you wish to work with an experienced web designer or with a new entrant. Both have their pros & cons, but it is you who has to decide who would be best for your business. We are always a call away if you need any assistance in building your website. Reach out to us to know the best web solutions for your business.